My passport is with the embassy. What do I have to do?




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    Ali Akkaya

    Hello,My passport is with the embassy. I upload a selfie of with my copy of passport. you rejected it. Then I upload a selfie of with my ID-Card, you rejected it again. What is the problem tell me problem ı will fix it.I dont have a time.You have me waiting for this reason for  two weeks.  If this problem is not solved I will cancel the my account. 

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    Ramis SEKER

    My passport is with the embassy,so I can't give my passport data.How can I open blocked account ?I can't pass next section.It says "Double check your data (Information is missing)"I need to open the Blocked Account as soon as possible

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    Talal Almemari

    my passport number should be RJYJ95832

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    müge türen

    My passport is with the embassy. I do not know where to upload a selfie with my id. I can’t see the documents section

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    Runqi Lin

    Hi, my passport is currently at the embassy, so I take a picture of myself with the receipt from embassy and my old passport F1 visa and I20, does that work? thank you

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