I have transferred more money than required, but the blocking confirmation shows a smaller amount. What is the reason for that?




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    Raghed abdoush

    I have opened a closed account in fintiba bank ... and I want to make a transfer of $ 13000 Euro on the account. Will I get a refund of the amount transferred ..because i want to show it to the embassy?

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    I wrote the wrong data about blocked account information. Where can I edit it again, please? 

    The embassy said I need to show the confirmation which is shown "the credit balance of 30240 EU.the account holder is able to freely dispose over the blocked balance up to a monthly sum of 720 EU. 

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    katja pushkareva

    Dear support team, i would like ti clarify one question. By the registration i set the amount of months on 12, because i go to Germany for 3,5 years. At the moment is the required sum 8860 Euro to transfer to my new opened bank account. But unfortunately at the moment i can transfer only 2600. Could i change the amount of months to 3? Is it ok for the embassy? Or is it aloud to open that kind if short term closed account only for short term students? Or should i open a current account for 2600? What would you recommend in my case? Thank you for advice and for information.


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