Why should I open my blocked account at Fintiba?

Fintiba as the first ever digital provider for blocked accounts, together with Sutor Bank as a renown German private bank, stands for the fastest-in-market account opening process. And this is not the only reason, why Fintiba should be the provider of your choice:

  • Everything is app-based and you can manage all your to-dos right on your smartphone
  • The blocked account is officially approved and accepted by the German Federal Foreign Office
  • The account opening is fully processed online - this is convenient and accelerates your visa application
  • You will get automated and in-person guidance along the account opening process and whenever you need it
  • The account is opened in YOUR name - you are the only one who always has full control over your account
  • A deposit insurance of up to € 100,000 is granted by German law - this ensures that your deposits are 100% secured
🎬 We want to make sure that students planning their studies in Germany are properly informed about the requirements that their blocked account needs to fulfil throughout their whole journey - and not only the initial step of getting an entry visa. This would help to avoid unnecessary costs, as well as additional hassle upon arrival. Watch this video explaining why it is important to open a blocked account specifically at a German bank:

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