How long does it take to get my blocking confirmation?

After uploading all required documents and providing the information that we need, the blocked account can be opened very quickly (if you have provided all the documents and data correctly and in good quality, even within 10 minutes!)
Next, you receive your account details together with instructions on the amount that needs to be transferred.

Money Transfer

With Fintiba Transfer we can offer you a fast local currency transfer without expensive exchange rates or additional transfer fees. Find out more in your Fintiba app under Fintiba Transfer.

Your blocking confirmation will be issued automatically as soon as the required blocked amount was deposited in your blocked account. Therefore, the sooner you complete your transfer, the sooner we can issue your blocking confirmation.

As soon as the money arrives in your account, you will be automatically notified by email and the blocking confirmation will be made available for download in the 'Documents' section of your Fintiba app.

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