How long does it take to get my blocking confirmation?




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    Amirul Ichsan Hakim

    It has been two weeks and 2 days since I uploaded my passport and my selfie with passpory into my Fintiba account, but there is no sign of any progress. I can't help but wait something that ruin my whole schedule. Fintiba does not help with their help center and their FAQ feature at all, knowing that we have no mean of contacting the corporation directly at any way possible. I just desperately want to know, with your "every customer is treated with the same urgency" policy, why can't I have the confirmation for more than 2 weeks despite of my friend's confirmation in a mere 3 work days, and the that fact the normal waiting time of the verification is a week?

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    After transferring the funds, can I receive the blocking confirmation after 1 or 2 days  cause after tomorrow Thursday(14/09) money will be transferred to my fentiba account and my meeting in German embassy just after 6 days Wednesday (20/09)?? are there a solution ?

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    Ahmed Hasan

    I have transferred the amount since 12 Sep

    when do you think I can get confirmation of the amount

    as I have to provide it for visa requirement 


    Best Regards



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    After transferring the amount , how many days it will takes to get the blocking confirmation ?

    because the appointment at the embassy is soon 

    Best regards, Eyed Friaa

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    Raj Krish

    Can I open  an additional block account in your bank, in addition to one opened with another bank , as its taking time?

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    Orlando Yurivilca

    Hello Fintiba, I have made the transfer through "Transferwise" and they have confirmed my deposit (I have deposit in two parts due to rate exchange changes). Please Could you confirm if you received it. Thanks.

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    mohammed gamal yousef sayed

    I need to contact with someone from Bank, its urgent

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