How do I see that my documents have been uploaded correctly?

The Fintiba app always gives you an overview about the status of each document that you uploaded, the information that you supplied, as well as the overall status of your account opening. The status in the Fintiba app is always up-to-date and you will automatically receive an email notification, if there are any relevant news.

☝ Special requests regarding the status of your blocked account opening are not necessary and impose additional effort on our support team. This might slow down your account opening as the customer support team - concerning the status of your account opening - can only give the same information as provided in the Fintiba app.

As soon as you have uploaded a document, you will be notified by a system message that appears at the top of your PC or mobile screen. In addition, the status of the uploaded document will change from "Missing" to "Waiting for Verification".

👇 You will see the following statuses appear along the process

Nothing has been uploaded and/or saved yet. In order to start the verification process, documents must be uploaded/data must be provided as required.

Waiting for Verification
The document has been uploaded/data has been saved. The verification process will start as soon as all required documents are "Waiting for verification".

Verification failed
The verification of the document/data was not successful. Should that be the case, you will have received an email that states what exactly went wrong and how you should proceed.

The document/data has been successfully verified.

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