I am not a student. Can I open a blocked account anyway?




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    Nadezhda Levanova

    Dear Fintiba Team,

    I am applying for a job seeking visa in Germany. I have couple of questions, if I may ask you:


    1) I want to open a Fintiba bank account within these two days. Is it possible to do so?

    2) Can a German relative/friend in Germany transfer the money to the account? Or should only I transfer the money to this account myself?

    3) Insurance: if I am a job-seeker, can I apply for a Fintiba with Insurance? Insurance will be valid only for 92 instead of 6 months?


    Thanking you in advance for your answer as soon as possible.


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    I'm as a researcher intend to go to Germany to do some experiments. This requires a 5-month stay in Germany. I need a blocked account to get visa.

    Please guide me how can I open a blocked account.


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