I am not a student. Can I open a blocked account anyway?




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    Sana Shabir

    I opened my account with a selection of "student visa", though i don't have any admission letter yet. What I should do?

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    Nicolas Partearroyo

    Can I open a Blocked account for the Freelance VISA?

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    Dhoha Ben Mustapha ep. Sahnoun

    i can't get through registration, its asking for the university while i m looking for a blocked account for job seeker


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    Georgette Olivia Medina Laura

    I'm married to a student of a master in the UDK, and the embassy told me I need to open this account to approve my visa, but there is no family reunification option, what can I do?

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    Ahmed Sayedin

    Good day, I made a mistake by choosing a job seeker while i should choose language student. and created already account waiting for verification, How can i change it to a language student

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    Hazem Altalahmah

    I am doing a Hospitation (unpaid training/Intern) at a german hospital, i have a medical degree. should i state that i am a student or an apprentice? the invitation letter i have is from the hospital department i will be training at and not from a university. 

    thank you 

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