What is the standard "monthly sum" that I need to block?

In general, € 934.00 for every month of your stay are required as a monthly blocked amount. This is the standard sum required by the German authorities. Please note that only your local embassy, consulate or the local alien authority can provide you with binding information on the required monthly blocked amount in your individual case.

Information for language students and job seekers: For certain types of visas an increase of 10% in the standard monthly blocked amount is applicable. This applies to the following types of visas according to the German Residence Act (AufethG):

  • §16d AufethG - Visa for recognition of foreign qualifications.
  • § 16f (1) AufethG - Visa for language course which does not serve to prepare for studies.
  • § 17 AufethG - Visa for searching for a course of study or apprenticeship.

If you are going to apply for one of these visas, please make sure that you increase your Blocking Agreement by 10% (to € 1.028.00/month)

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