I can't log in - what should I do?

When completing the product signup (e.g. for a blocked account) we will send you an email containing two important things:

  • Your Password
  • Activation Link

Before you try to log in please make sure that you click the activation link by either clicking on the button that says "I'm not a robot" or copy the link provided below the button to your browser to activate your account. After successfully activating your account you may log in with the email address that you provided to us and the password we have sent you. Please make sure to change your password after the first login in the "Profile" section of the Fintiba web application.

If that does not work, click on "Forgot password? Click here!" on the login page. After entering your email address on the following page, you will receive an email that will guide you through the process of accessing your Fintiba web application account again.

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