How do I get my German TIN?




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    Alaa Shello



    I have been registered in the local registeration office but i didnt receive TIN , and also i am trying to transfer the pay outs to my bank account in germany but i am not getting TAN, although i got it at the first time when i registered my german phone number.


    thank you and i really appreciate it

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    Alaa Shello

    the system was not working.


    now i received the TAN and i already set up the amount.


    how much time it needs to be transferred to my german bank account ?


    thanks alot again.

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    Customer Care

    The German TIN will be send to you 4-6 weeks after you have registered at the city where you are staying. The TIN and the registration letter do not influence the payout. 

    When the payout date is set for the day after you have set up the payout, you will receive it the day after tomorrow, as transfers in Germany also take up to one day except for the weekend. As the banks don't work at the weekend the transfer will then be on Monday e.g. you set up the payout on a Thursday, the money transfer will start on Friday and you will receive the money on Monday because at the weekend the banks don't work.

    An example during the week would be: you set up the payout on Monday, the money transfer would start on Tuesday and the money would arrive on your current account by Wednesday.

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