In which currency is the transfer to the blocked account be made?




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    Eno Idongesit Essien

    Hi Help Center,

    On 6th March, an estimated figure of $4,275 (four thousand two hundred and seventy five  US dollars) was wired as my first payment from Texas USA. Due date for the funds to get to my blocked account (506070541) is13th March. Please i hope there would not be an issue (as the funds were in sent US Dollars) as my interview comes up on the 26th. Hoping for a speedy response



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    Customer Care

    The money arrived and should be visible on your account by tomorrow

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    Eredjep Kadyrov

    Dear Team,

    I have a problem with transfer money in euros. Is it possible to transfer it in USD? If yes, please tell how much money in USD I should transfer in order to receive blocked confirmation in EURO. 


    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Your faithfully.

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    Customer Care


    The transaction to the blocked account needs to be made in Euro. Please consult with your bank in order to investigate the options that you have in order to make the transaction, usually it is not a problem within the global network of the banks. Should you, nonetheless, decide to transfer the money in a currency that is NOT Euro, please be informed that we cannot guarantee that the money will not be declined, when you try to transfer the money directly in another currency from your account to the blocked account. If you need further information or wish to discuss your case more in detail please contact via E-mail. THANK YOU

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