When is the Fintiba Support available?




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    anda kryeziu

    Hello! I am trying to open a blocked account. my country of Origin is Kosovo and is not in the list. what should I do in this case??

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    Jakelin Lopez Lozano
    1. Hello, I am Jakelin Lopez Lozano, I sent my blocked account application and I am waiting for the email in order to upload the documents. please contact me: jackilopezlozano@gmail.com
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    Yevhen Hlushkov

    Hello everyone. I filled in the application for the closed account yesterday. I have not received any confirmation to upload my ID. Is that because i had not registered on your website (have just done it)?

    My email is evg.glushkov87@gmail.com

    Thank you!

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    I opened a block account, but I selected Albania as my home country because I could not find Kosovo(my country of origin) in your list. People of Kosovo are known as Albanian. So, I just want to let you know and be aware of this while verifying my documents.  

    Best regards,

    Albulena Kllokoqi

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    Anjelin Sanchiha
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    Ali NOun


    I would like to know if the offered health insurance is the "public health insurance" requested by the university to be enrolled in.

    I already ordered the health insurance from Fintiba, i want to know if this is the only one required for the university and the stay in Germany.

    Thank you,


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    Ahmed Hasan


    to transfer money to my blocked account 

    can I ask my friend in Germany to transfer the amount , as it will be quickly and much easy , as in my country the transfer process take long time and I have to meet my deadline for the visa application 





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