How does the video legitimation work?




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    Kareem Emad Mahmoud Ibrahim Elzayat

    I have not received any emails, and no extra section for video legitimation was added! What do I do now?

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    abdullah can bozdag

    I did all the check lists and procedures but not received any e-mail about video legitimation.

    Is it because there are more steps I should follow (if so, I'd happy to know these) ?

    Or because we are waiting for you?

    Thank you.

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    Gangsheng Zhou

    Appointment successfully booked

    but I have not received any emails, can u tell me what's wrong?

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    Tresa Variyani Zen


    I haven't received an email either. I've tried cancelling and made a new appointment but still no email.
    What should I do?

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    Boteng Yao


    I have booked an oppointment 4 times but all failed. I just do everything following the instruction!
    Why?? The screen always shaws me that " Please be patient, we are connecting the next agent! "
    What should I do?
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    I have booked an appointment on 12/12. However, today my appointment disappeared. I booked a new one while I didn't get any email. 

    What should I do?

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    wu ko jung


    In the applying blocked account process that I said my passport is in the consulate,and the video legitimation need my passport ,but my passport is still in the consulate for applying the visa.

    What can I do to complete the  video legitimation ?


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    Mehmood Ul Hassan

    Hello Support

    my Booking for video verification was 2nd of January and they also send me the successful email. 

    now can you please guide me how many days will you take to send me my account details? mean IBAN so i can transfer my funds. and please speed up my process because my embassy interview date is very near. 

    you quick response and action will be highly appreciated .


    Thank you 

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    Abdelwahab Mahmoud


    I scheduled video legitimate appointment 2 times but I didn't receive any emails, please advice.

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