I want to send M10 to another university, how can I update my information?

When you change your university, you must make sure that the M10 digital notification is sent your new university, as this is necessary for your enrollment. Here's how to go about it:

  • For customers with statutory insurance (DAK): Simply visit the Profile section in your Fintiba account, change the university name, date of the semester start etc. and upload the new admission letter. Following this, the M10 will be automatically sent to your new university.
  • For customers with private health insurance (Mawista). If you initiated the M10-2 process before with us, please contact DAK directly via fintibasupport@dak.de, and ask for a new M10-2 registration. Please make sure to forward them your new admission letter as well. 
  • Customers who have no health insurance with us would not be able to initiate the M10 process through us. Please contact any statutory health insurance provider and request them for the electronic registration.
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