I don't have my extended visa, but I need money. What should I do?

Usually, you have to upload the extended visa or residence permit for which you have extended or reactivated your blocked account. If possibe, please wait until you have received your official extension document.

However, if you haven't received such document, but urgently need your blocked amount, you can alternatively send us your last valid residence title (visa, residence permit, Fiktionsbescheinigung) along with one of the following documents:

  • Confirmation of the appointment for extension from the visa authorities
  • Confirmation from the visa authorities that the new title has been ordered
  • Any other confirmation from the authorities indicating that your residence title continues to exist (sometimes, this is included in the auto-reply sent be the visa authorities when you e-mail them your application documents)
  • E-mail communication with the visa authorities regarding the extension (as a PDF file)

We will then review your case individually and inform you whether we can let you set up your monthly payouts.

However, please be aware of the consequences if your renewal appointment with the visa authorities is still coming up - you may not have a fully deposited blocked account by the appointment date, which may be required to extend your visa or residence permit. The visa authorites can use the information on your blocking confirmation to check your blocked account balance at any time.      

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