I am not a student, why do I have MAWISTA Student on my package choice?

MAWISTA Student is a private health insurance product package which covers the need for those who are required to be insured but, according to the Social Code (SGB -Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung § 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 SGB V) are not liable to the Statutory Health Insurance.

These cases are already included in the MAWISTA Student offer, which is offered to:

  1. Students who are not eligible for Statutory Health Insurance (e.g. students over 30 years old)
  2. Language students
  3. Practical trainees
  4. Internship students
  5. Job-seekers

Therefore, in case you are a job-seeker, a student over 30 years old, your semester of study is above the 14th semester or any other circumstance which requires you to have this option, the Fintiba Plus package service will always provide you with the needed health insurance coverage in form of the MAWISTA Student tariff.

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