How much money do I have to transfer to get my Fintiba Plus Visa Documents?

The total amount that must be transferred in order to issue the documents depends on your individual case and consists of 3 parts:

  1. The blocked amount for the duration of the blocked account
  2. The initial opening fee of € 89.00
  3. A buffer deposit of € 100.00

Note: please be informed that the buffer deposit is NOT a fee that is charged by Fintiba! This is solely a service that we offer in order to issue blocking confirmations as quickly as possible. Of course, you will receive the remaining amount from the buffer deposit with your first payout!

The blocked amount (1) is calculated depending on the duration of your blocked account and the monthly sum that needs to be blocked as requested by the respective embassy or consulate.

The buffer deposit of € 100.00 (3) has been introduced because we have experienced a lot of cases where fees for international money transfers have been deducted by intermediary banks and, therefore, blocking confirmations could not be issued because the necessary blocked amount was no longer covered.

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