What is Fintiba Rent Deposit Guarantee?

As an international student, it is well known that finding a place to live in Germany can turn out to be a major challenge. On top of that, the landlord may also require you to provide a rental deposit ("Mietkaution" or "Kaution") before moving in, turning this challenge into an issue as the amounts normally required can put a serious burden in your financial stability.

To help you find a solution to this situation, with the Fintiba Rent Deposit Guarantee you can save this money by not paying directly for the deposit.



The rent deposit guarantee is an innovative and secure alternative to paying your usual rent deposit. You save money and do not have to pay a deposit to your landlord. Instead, all you have to pay is a yearly fee to the insurance underwriting agency of the rent deposit (ias insurances). This annual premium accounts for only five percent (5%) of the deposit amount.

Once you have entered all required data, a rent deposit guarantee certificate will be issued, and will either be sent out to you, or directly to your landlord and replaces your usual deposit. This means for you:

  • Reduction of high additional financial burden
  • Your money at your disposal and ensured liquidity
  • Easy online application within only a few minutes
  • Reception of cover confirmation and information for landlords
  • Issuance of guarantee certificate within 2-3 working days
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