I need general information about the COVID-19 situation in Germany; can Fintiba help me?

We at Fintiba have made it our mission to help students on their way to Germany and to be at their side also in difficult times.

The current situation everyone faces in times of the coronavirus raises many questions and concerns. Especially for international students in Germany, about to come to Germany and interested in Germany, it is often difficult to find relevant updates, particularly in English.

Hence, to add more transparency to the situation, we collect all relevant information from various sources, including current media reports, authority or university announcements or directly from our partners. We compile these updates in our Fintiba News Ticker which gives you an overview of the latest information and relevant links.

New Info Hotline available!

🆕 Doubts about the vaccination process? There is a new hotline available from the Informationsservice Corona-Schutzimpfung und Corona-Tests for your questions about the Corona situation in Germany! The service is available in English, Arabic, Turkish and Russian. You can reach the hotline on 0800 0000 837.

PLEASE NOTE that this service is available only in Germany, so you will need to call from a German phone number.

💡 And in case you are stranded in Germany and need some inspiration on how to make use of the time you have to spend at home, here are some tips and hints on how to make the best out of it:

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