I cannot activate my DAK insurance as the semester start is postponed; what can I do?

Whether you are already in Germany or not, if you are aware that your semester start has been postponed or you are planning to reschedule your trip to Germany, please contact via support@fintiba.com.  The new information will allow us to update your health insurance information within the package and ensure that you are still covered for your entire stay.

Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Your new planned date of arrival in Germany 
  2. Your new semester start date

Once you contact our Customer Care Team explaining the situation and with the mentioned dates, they will check your case and help you further with anything you need to change.

Late Arrival for Your Winter Semester? – Check Your Health Insurance Fees

Many international students have not managed to arrive in time for the semester start this year. Therefore, the regulation regarding health insurance coverage with the governmental health insurance system (DAK) has been amended to reflect the situation of international students. You might be affected by these changes.

What is new? - Usually, the health insurance coverage starts with the 1st day of the semester and fees are due from then on. This winter semester, students insured with DAK via our Fintiba Plus package that got their visas and started the semester online, but have not been able to arrive in Germany yet, will only need to pay fees from the day of arrival in Germany onwards. Overcharged fees are being returned.

What do you need to do? In case you belong to the group of international students that were not able to arrive in time for the winter semester due to the pandemic, please do the following:

  1. Contact DAK Gesundheit, your insurance provider: fintibasupport@dak.de
  2. Confirm that you arrived / will arrive late for the winter semester due to the Corona situation
  3. Attach a copy of your flight ticket as proof

🎬 During the current corona pandemic, many questions about health insurance in Germany have reached us. In the video below we have interviewed insurance experts from our partners DAK and MAWISTA to give you more clarity about the overall situation:

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