Does the DAK and MAWISTA insurance coverage apply in the event of a COVID-19 infection?

Both insurers (DAK and MAWISTA) cover 100% of the medical bills if you fall ill or have an accident. This applies also if you get infected by COVID-19 within Germany.

Note – The insurances also pay for Corona-tests in case of a medical indication being present (i. e. you have symptoms and your doctor prescribes a test). The test is not covered in case you want to get tested without a doctor initiating it.

In case you assume an infection due to typical symptoms, please call your physician or dial 116117. For specific information or questions with either DAK or MAWISTA, please find their contact details below:


+49 89 624 24 496 (24 hrs emergency hotline)

DAK Gesundheit

+49 40 325 325 800

🎬 During the current corona pandemic, many questions about health insurance in Germany have reached us. In the video below we have interviewed insurance experts from our partners DAK and MAWISTA to give you more clarity about the overall situation:

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