How do I close my Fintiba Plus account?

General procedure

You can start the account closure process directly from your Fintiba account. You just need to login into your account and then check your Blocked Account section.

There you can start the closure process under Close Account, and you can provide all the required documentation along the process so it can be quickly verified. Just note that your smartphone must be previously connected to your Fintiba account via your Profile section.


⚠ Once you have opened a blocked account and you have received your Blocking Confirmation, it is not possible to close it without the necessary documents from the respective German authorities. Since this authority can change depending on whether you arrived in Germany already or not, here you can find below the solution for your case regardless of your current situation.

Requirements - Closure before arrival in Germany

Requirements - Closure after arrival in Germany


Requirements - Closure before arrival in Germany

There are different reasons why you may not come to Germany in the end (e.g. you cannot get an appointment, you decided to withdraw your application, etc.). Regardless of the case, a document from the authorities is necessary to close the account once the Blocking Confirmation was issued, because we already guaranteed to the German state that your money is blocked.

In the following cases, we will need an official confirmation from the German Embassy or Consulate which allows us to close your account:

  • You did not even apply for your visa yet, but you want to cancel your blocked account.
  • You withdrew your visa application
  • You received a visa, but want to cancel your trip to Germany

Please note - It has to include the instruction for us to remove the block on your account. If you need to support your request for the Embassy or Consulate with a template, you can download it below.

In the case that your visa application was rejected from the Embassy or Consulate, we need an official certificate issued by the Embassy or Consulate where your visa application was processed, confirming that your visa application has been rejected.


Requirements - Closure after arrival in Germany

In case you arrived already in Germany and want to cancel your stay for any reason, we will need an official document from the Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde) which allows us to close your blocked account. The document is called "Sperrfreigabe". Afterwards, we will transfer the money back to the account it came from.

    • If you are already legitimated, we will be able to transfer the money to your German current account as well depending on your instruction.

The Sperrfreigabe from the Ausländerbehörde is necessary in any case of account closure earlier than scheduled once you have arrived in Germany. Should you want to close the account earlier than scheduled to return to your country, please try to get the Sperrfreigabe document before departure.

Important - If you came to Germany and you activated already your national health insurance (DAK or MAWISTA depending on your package), you will need to cancel the insurance separately with either DAK or MAWISTA. 

🎬 We have prepared a video answering your most common questions about the process. Feel free to give it a look: 



💡 Do you need a template to request an official confirmation to the Embassy or Consulate? - Below you can find in the attachments forms which you can fill and state the reason why you need to close your blocked account. You can then hand this form over to the German embassy or consulate to formally request the consular certification in written form:



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