How can I upgrade my MAWISTA Student insurance coverage?

At Fintiba we want your stay in Germany to be an adventure where the question "did I choose my insurance correctly" is off the table. Therefore, if you are a user who will need private insurance in Germany, we want to offer you the possibility to choose which tariff of our MAWISTA Student private insurance suits you best! 

Is MAWISTA Student Classic not enough for you and you want to enjoy the advantages of MAWISTA Student Comfort? Then, we can offer you different options to get your desired Comfort insurance, both for new and for already existing Fintiba Plus users!

Account Opening Upgrade Existing Student Classic Tariff

The easiest way for your MAWISTA Student Comfort is by choosing directly to get MAWISTA Student Comfort during your account opening. Anyone eligible for private health insurance will have the option to decide whether they want MAWISTA Student Classic Tariff or MAWISTA Student Comfort Tariff. 

Please Note

Private health insurance is only possible in certain cases, like non-university students under 30 years old, for more information, please check our Help Center article - Which insurances are included in my Fintiba Plus package?

MAWISTA Student Comfort tariff advantages

The Comfort insurance would cover additional costs for the following services:

  • Vaccination against diseases such as flu, tetanus, HPV, FSME or potentially COVID-19
  • No deductible
  • Dental care support
  • Coverage for pregnancy, childbirth and their implications without waiting period
  • Liability insurance for damage to the rented property
  • 💳 - Insurance card for direct settlement of treatment expenses!


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