What is Fintiba Transfer and how can I use it?

After you have completed your account opening process and successfully opened your Blocked Account, you need to transfer the money to your Blocked Account to get your Blocking Confirmation. However, international transfers can be slow, complicated and expensive.

Fintiba Transfer, our payments channel, solves all that for you, and much more! We have partnered with TransferMate Global Paymentsa leading international payments platform, to ensure you transfer your blocked amount quickly and securely. You can get your blocking confirmation instantly with only a single credit card payment of the complete blocked amount via Fintiba Transfer.

Note: The Fintiba Transfer option appears in your account only when your blocked account has opened successfully.


Here are the advantages of Fintiba Transfer over regular banking channels:

  • Fastest mode of transfer - Quicker than SWIFT transfers, Fintiba Transfer is the quickest mode of transfering your blocked amount, and receiving refunds*, if necessary. 💸
  • Lowest exchange rates - Your home currency will be converted to Euros at the best possible exchange rates on the day of the transfer. 💱
  • Zero Commission - Avoid hefty commissions by intermediary banks. Fintiba Transfer lets you transfer your money at NO extra cost, making it the cheapest mode of transfer! 🤚
  • Simplified payment - Avoid the complications of adding beneficiaries to transfer your blocked amount, as with Fintiba Transfer you make the deposit in a single credit card payment.
  • Live Tracking - You will be notified in your Fintiba App every time there is an update on your transfer. 📱
  • Instant Blocking Confirmation - Receive your blocking confirmation instantly, save valuable waiting time and speed up your visa process.

*Note: Refund via Fintiba Transfer is possible only if the blocked amount was originally transferred using Fintiba Transfer. Otherwise, refunds are transferred via regular banking channels.

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