Does the use of Fintiba Transfer cost me additional fees?

No. The use of Fintiba Transfer is free of charge, meaning that you don’t have to pay any additional fees for using the service. On top of that, you can pay in your money in your local currency and enjoy great exchange rates.

Compared to an international bank transfer, you do not need to include an additional buffer deposit of € 100.00, as this is no longer required. Our transfer partners guarantee that the full amount will be credited to your account and that your blocking confirmation can be issued immediately.

☝ Please also note: If you transfer your funds via a regular international bank transfer and you want to close your account prior to its expiration, our partner bank charges an international transfer fee of € 25.00 and the process can take up to four weeks. With Fintiba Transfer you get your money back faster and it costs you nothing.

So in summary, with Fintiba Transfer you are choosing speed, comfort and simplicity without any additional effort.

For more information on the individual amounts, you will also find your Transfer Information Document in the Documents section once the account is opened. 🚀

NEW! The fastest way to your blocking confirmation, now even faster!

Get your blocking confirmation instantly after a single credit card payment of the complete blocked amount sum via Fintiba Transfer!

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