How does Fintiba Transfer help in case of refunds?

☝ Note: The refund via Fintiba Transfer is only possible when you have first funded your account via Fintiba Transfer.

Refunds, especially when the original account where the money came from is outside Germany, can take long (up to 3-4 weeks) due to the intermediary banks involved in the payment chain. In addition to that, these cross-border payments incur expensive currency exchange rates and extra commissions, as banks usually have additional fees for international transfers.

In case you do not come to Germany or have to leave the country earlier than expected, you would benefit from a faster, cheaper and more convenient refund procedure if you use Fintiba Transfer.

You can close your account yourself within the Fintiba app. You can read more about this process here:

After you have completed the steps for the account closure, our Customer Care Team will review your closure application with all the documents provided and help you close the account.

Once you receive confirmation that the account has been closed, you will receive your refund faster than with a regular international bank transfer. In the Fintiba account, you will always be informed about the current status of your money.

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