I want to extend my account, but it is already closed, what do I need to do?

If you need to re-apply for a new visa or residence permit, or if the authorities (Embassy, Consulate, Ausländerbehörde...) ask you to block money again, you will probably need to continue using your blocked account.

Normally, this can be done with our account extension process. However, it can be possible that when you try to extend your account, this is no longer possible because your previous blocked account (or previous extension) period already expired, and we transferred already all your monthly payouts.

In such cases where your account has expired already in the meantime, you can continue using our services for your new visa or residence permit application with the Account Reactivation process!  For this, you just need to click on the button below to start a chat with FintiBot 🤖


FintiBot chat button appears on the lower right part of your screen

You will see the option to reactivate your account in one of the initial topic suggestions or you can also follow this route:


Yes I am > Blocked Account / Fintiba Plus package > I am in Germany > I am receiving my payouts > Account extension > Yes

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