Guideline for a successful video legitimation with [verify-U]

For the video legitimation, you should use the original passport that you used for opening your Fintiba account.

Please note - access to the mobile phone number used during the start of your video legitimation must be guaranteed.

Preparing for the call
  1. Have your passport ready
  2. As a backup, at best, also have a picture (NOT PDF) of your passport on hand
  3. Log in to your Fintiba account and go to "Profile". There you can click "Video Legitimation" to start the call. A new tab will open on click.
During the call
  1. A good Internet connection must be guaranteed for a successful video legitimation, please use the connection of the university, Internet Café or hotspots. An LTE quality must be achieved, with 3G or less, unfortunately, no successful video call can come off.
  2. The call takes place in German or English; if you have language problems you can have a translator with you, that's okay! However, it is important that you answer the questions by yourself during the video call.
  3. Please remember that you have good lighting conditions during the call, it should be bright (ideally you also have a flashlight with you), the video agent must be able to see you and your passport clearly. A quiet/undisturbed environment also contributes to success.
  4. Please be prepared for the following "To Do's" during the call: "Hold your passport facing the camera" so that the agent can see the holograms; "Tilt passport in different directions" so that the security features can be checked. For Smartphone/Tablets please turn on screen rotation.

Please expect approx. 10-15 minutes for the video call. For further questions regarding the video legitimation, you are welcome to contact [verify-U] directly by e-mail or telephone

 +49 6134-9547497

  Here we have another video for you that explains the process of video legitimation:

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