How do I get started with the Fintiba Referral Programme? / How do I make a Referral?


After you open your Fintiba account, you get access to your Fintiba dashboard and can generate a referral code. See gif below:



You can send your referral code to as many friends as you wish, who should use it to open a Fintiba Plus account on our website.

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. The more friends you successfully refer, the more rewards you get! Track how many friends used your code and how many rewards you have earned by checking the status in your Fintiba app:


You can see the number of registered Referrals in your Fintiba account or more detailed statistics in your Member dashboard ( along with the number of rewards you have earned and friends who will also be rewarded.


Find out more about the different statuses in the referral programme here: What does "Pending", "Qualified" or "Approved" Referral mean?

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