I need an electronic notification of my health insurance status (M10)

M10 is the notification about your insurance status. As a student in Germany, you are obliged by law to be insured with public health insurance. However, in some cases, you can also have private health insurance (E.g. if you are a language or preparatory course (Studiekolleg) student, or you are a regular student over 30 y.o).

For all Fintiba Plus users, Fintiba can initiate the electronic registration process, regardless of the type of insurance. Check out the differences between the insurance types below.

For DAK users:

To enroll and inform your university about your insurance status simply upload your admission letter to your Fintiba account. We will then forward your university name and admission letter to our partners at DAK and they will complete the M-10 process for you. You will receive an email after DAK sends the notification to your university, keeping you updated along the way.

For Mawista Student users:

Since you are not eligible for statutory health insurance, you can use private health insurance. Even if you are using private health insurance, one of the statutory health insurance companies must inform your university about your health insurance status and send the electronic registration (M10-2) for you.

To complete this process:

Open your Fintiba account and head over to the profile section, there, you can click on the "Initiate the Electronic Registration" button and choose if you want to forward your admission letter to DAK for the M10-2 notification and submit your admission letter.



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