What is the M10 digital notification, and does Finitba send the M10 notification about my health insurance status?

M10 is the notification about the status of your health insurance. In Germany, health insurance providers and universities are obliged by law to notify one another of students' health insurance status.

Regardless of whether you have statutory or private health insurance, AT/11, or an EHIC (European Health Insurance card), you must contact one of the statutory health insurance providers to initiate your M10 digital notification prior to enrolment.

Every student who obtained health insurance within Fintiba Plus can now complete this process directly from the Fintiba App.

For public insurance (BARMER) users: The status about the health insurance (M10) will be sent automatically to your university once you upload your university admission letter.

For private insurance (Mawista) users: Open your Fintiba account and head over to the profile section. There, click on the "Initiate the Electronic Registration" button, choose if you want to forward your admission letter to BARMER for the M10-2 notification, and submit your admission letter.



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