Do I need health insurance if I am an employee?

In Germany, everyone is required to have health insurance. This requirement applies not only to university students, au-pairs, language students... but also to employees as well. Moreover, the type of insurance necessary as an employee may not be the same as a university student even if you stay with the same provider during your university studies as well as while being employed.

In order to help you navigate through the complicated German health insurance system, we include within our different products and services any combination you need to ensure a seamless stay in Germany.

Are you a student, job-seeker, au-pair... and you need both a blocked account and health insurance in one package? You can get our Fintiba Plus package to get everything you need tailored to your situation. Did you find already a job but your employer needs you to be insured? Then you can check our new DAK for Professional offers where we can offer you your employee health insurance together with our partner DAK-Gesundheit!

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