How can I cancel my Liability Insurance?

There are two possibilities to cancel your Liability Insurance:

  1. By making use of your revocations right within 14 days after the purchase of the liability insurance: What does "revocation right" mean and which rights do I have specifically?
  2. The contract is automatically extended for 1 more year when it is not cancelled one month prior to its original expiry date. To do that, you only have to contact our partner ias – Internationale Assekuranz Service GmbH via the following contact details:

    Kleiner Ort 1
    28357 Bremen
    Tel.:       +49 421 20 232 0

  3. If you return to your home country and do not intend to return to Germany in the near future, you can make use of your exceptional right of termination and cancel the contract by contacting our partners at ias using the contact details above.
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