What is the standard "monthly sum" that I need to block?




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    Amena Nour

    Hello, I have signed up for a blocked account yesterday and i made a mistake to set the monthly limit as 720 euro/ month while the embassy in my home town need 735 euro/ month and i can not change it from my account because its already verified.

    Please can you help me change it? and is that going to delay my process?

    Thank you  

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    I have a scholarship which is 400 euros per month so I need only a blocked amount of 320 euros, but when I entered this amount in the monthly sum it did not accept to proceed at all. I need to have only 320 euros as a monthly sum.




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    Valeria Arcila

    Hello! I have a scholarship and I dont have to transfer 720 per month, The emmbassy told me to transfer only 895, how can I obtain muy confirmation?

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    Shih-Ju, Chen


    I'm not sure whether my first name in the document "Information about your Blocked Amount Transfer" right or not.

    Like my name Shih-ju, Chen.
    I suppose it would be Shih-Ju,Chen.


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    keerthi prasad a k


    As i'm applying visa for 6 months i want to block the amount of 3600 euro. Two days back i got block account verified by Fintiba and they mentioned that i should transfer 4509 euro. But i should transfer only 3600 euro, please help me out with this issues. 


    Keerthi Prasad

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