My visa appointment date is almost due, but money did not arrive to my blocked account yet.

International transfers usually take 3-5 business days. However, in very rare cases, it may take up to several weeks depending on the banks involved in transfer chain, mostly when your money is stuck with an EUR correspondent bank. In such cases, if your appointment date is almost due, you can take the following documents to the visa authorities, who may (or not!) accept them on the condition that you e-mail your blocking confirmation to them when you finally receive it:

  1. Your blocked account contract (you will find this in the Documents section of your Fintiba account).
  2. Receipt of the transfered amount from your bank.
  3. If your bank can help you get this, a confirmation from the EUR correspondent bank stating that they had recieved your money and transferred the same to Sutor Bank.

With Fintiba Transfer, you can avoid all these hassles by getting your blocking confirmation instantly with only one credit card transfer.

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