What is MAWISTA GmbH? How is it related to my Fintiba Plus package?

MAWISTA GmbH is a private health insurance agency specially focused on international health insurances, either for foreigners coming into Germany or German nationals travelling outside. With MAWISTA and the Fintiba Plus package, any of your private health insurance needs besides the statutory health insurance, offered in the Fintiba Plus package by DAK Gesundheit (if applicable), are covered whether this is:

  • Travel Health Insurance (MAWISTA Visum)
  • Private Health Insurance (MAWISTA Student)

With MAWISTA products, offered through the Fintiba Plus package service, you will benefit not only from working with an agency specially focused on offering the most tailored solutions for your case but also from being insured with one of the most renowned and trustworthy insurance company: Allianz Worldwide Partners. As part of their partnership, every MAWISTA product included in the Fintiba Plus package will be covered by Allianz.

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