What is Fintiba Plus and what are the advantages compared to Fintiba Basic?

Fintiba Plus is a special service package designed to help you minimise the bureaucratic paperwork and requirements for your visa and to focus on the essentials: to enjoy your stay in Germany. The service included in this package covers all your needs - not only the proof of your financial resources (Blocked Account) but also all health insurances required by German authorities. By providing us with only a few personal details during the registration process, we can put together an individual package for you that contains only the insurance you need.


Via the Fintiba app, you have access to your personalised account, where you can manage your blocked account and your insurance policies. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step instructions. These are described in more detail here:

What is the process behind the Fintiba Plus package?

Besides the Blocked Account, and depending on your individual situation, all or some of the following insurance products will be also included:

  • Governmental/Statutory Health Insurance (by DAK Gesundheit)
  • Travel Health Insurance (MAWISTA Visum)
  • Private Health Insurance (MAWISTA Student)

List of advantages: 

  • FREE Travel Health Insurance
  • Blocked Account plus online health insurance within one solution 
  • Health Insurance coverage for your visa and your stay
  • All health insurances have unlimited insurance coverage
  • In accordance with all authority requirements
  • All digital documents for enrolment at university are already available prior to arrival in Germany
  • No need to visit any local insurance office as everything can be completed online
  • Automatic cancellation of private or travel health insurance with enrolment at the university
  • Cooperation with the most experienced and renowned health insurance providers
  • No fees apply in case of visa rejection
  • Insurance products for students above 30 years and language students (private health insurance)


For more questions regarding the Fintiba Plus package, please check our articles:



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