What is AWP P&C S.A.? What is the connection with MAWISTA and Fintiba Plus?

Commonly known as simply Allianz, Allianz Worldwide Partners or AWP P&C S.A. is the German subsidiary branch of the multinational insurance company. With more than 80 million customers over 70 different countries and being the market leader in Germany for its insurance side of the business, Allianz is one of the most powerful and trusted brands when it comes to your health insurance needs.

Due to their strategic partnership, Allianz is the insurer of the MAWISTA products offered in the Fintiba Plus package services (MAWISTA Visum and MAWISTA Student).

Thus, should you require MAWISTA products when opening your account with the Fintiba Plus package service, you can rest assured to be supported during your journey in Germany by the best and most professional insurance service providers.

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