How do I activate my Fintiba Plus insurances when I arrive in Germany?

Welcome to Germany! Your Fintiba Plus package may contain different products. This is how to activate them:

  • Mawista Visum: The policy is created as soon as you receive your Blocking Confirmation, so, you don't need to activate it separately. Upon entering Germany, you will be insured by Mawista Visum during the time period and for the number of days mentioned on the policy. 
  • Mawista Student or Expatcare: The policy is created once you set up your current account payouts in Germany, after which you can find it in your Fintiba app. 
  • DAK: Due to legal regulations, your DAK policy gets activated only from the starting date of your semester. To receive your insurance card, you will need to upload your admission letter and proof of your German address in your Fintiba app. Upon receiving both, DAK will issue your card.
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