What is the process behind the Fintiba Plus package?

1) Register

Click here to get the Fintiba Plus package containing:

  • Blocked account — opened in 10 minutes* and officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Health insurance (public and/or private) — package tailored to your individual needs, including free travel health insurance

2) Account opening

To open the Blocked Account, you only need your passport. Depending on your nationality, you will either be guided through the automated verification or asked to upload a passport and passport selfie for manual verification. After the account has been opened in your name, the blocked amount can be transferred to your German account.

In the Fintiba app, you will find a "Next Step" box, which guides you through the process and always shows you your latest todos. One click will take you to the areas where you can enter the information that is needed for your Blocked Account and Health Insurance.

3) Money transfer & official confirmations

To transfer the money to your account, we recommend Fintiba Transfer which allows you to transfer your money in your local currency without additional transfer fees. After receipt of the required blocked amount, the online blocking confirmation will be issued. The confirmation for your free travel health insurance will be provided simultaneously.

NEW! The fastest way to your blocking confirmation, now even faster!

Get your blocking confirmation instantly after a single credit card payment of the complete blocked amount sum via Fintiba Transfer!

4) Visa appointment

The blocking confirmation as well as the travel health insurance certificate are required to apply for your German visa at the local embassy or consulate. 

5) Unblock your account 

Complete the following steps to get access to your blocked amount: 

  • Visa Upload: Upload a picture of your visa and enter your visa start date. 
  • German address: Enter your German address – this can also be a temporary address.
  • Facial photo: Upload a passport photo of yourself which will later be used for your health insurance card.
  • Legitimation: Depending on your legitimation status, you can set up the payouts immediately or complete the additional legitimation step.
  • Connect your smartphone: If you have not yet done so, provide your mobile phone number.

6) Insurance activation

  • Private Health Insurance (MAWISTA Student) — activated as soon as you set up your payouts from the blocked account to your current account.
  • Public Health Insurance (DAK) — The DAK will inform your university digitally about your public health insurance so that you can be enrolled. You will then receive your insurance card from DAK by post to your German address within the next 3-4 weeks.

7) Payout setup

The payment of the monthly amount will be transferred to a German current account. This account can be opened at any bank of choice in Germany. Fintiba will support you with that. You set up a standing order to your current account in your Fintiba app and receive your payouts automatically every month.




* With our AI technology, your passport will be verified within minutes and you are ready to transfer your money right away. Please note that Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea and the region of Crimea are at the moment not eligible for this process. Alternative passport verification options are available for those countries which as well ensure a fast blocked account opening.

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