How do I get access to my money when I'm in Germany?

As soon as you are in Germany and you have completed the legitimation process you can set up a monthly payout to your current/regular bank account at any bank in Germany of your choice.

Note: the blocked account that can be opened via Fintiba at Sutor Bank (Max Heinr. Sutor OHG) is not a current account that you can use for your daily business. 

The only way to access your money in Germany is to set up your monthly payouts to a separate current/regular account ("Girokonto", "Basiskonto" or "Girokonto für Jedermann") that you have to open at a bank of your choice when you arrived in Germany. We have consolidated information on opening a separate regular bank account in the "Current Account" section of the Fintiba web application for those who are registered. Below we have provided a short infographic that outlines the most important steps you must take:


How does the legitimation in Germany work?

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