I have been asked to go through the manual / PostIdent legitimation. How does it work?

If you are not eligible for both easy legitimation and video legitimation, then you will be requested in your Fintiba App to complete the legitimation via one of the following alternatives:

  1. Legitimation via the PostIdent process
  2. Manual Legitimation

Offering the most comfortable alternative!

Based on our previous customers' experience, we always offer the shortest and most effective alternative. Therefore, in the "Documents" section, you may find documents only for the PostIdent process, or only for the manual legitimation process, or for both.

If you see both, you can complete your legitimation with any one of the options.


  Did you find the respective document in the Documents section? Then please check below how each of the respective processes can be completed  

Legitimation process - PostIdent
  1. Get the PostIdent voucher from your Documents section and your passport.
  2. Head to any German Postal Service office (Deutsche Post).
  3. Follow the instructions on the voucher and guidance from postal staff.
If, in very rare cases, your passport isn't accepted during PostIdent, you can request the manual legitimation documents by visiting the Fintiba contact site.
Legitimation process - Manual

If you received your Legitimation Documents:

  • In your Documents section directly, or
  • By contacting us after the PostIdent process did not work,

you can complete the manual legitimation process by any of the following alternatives:

  1. You will receive an automatic e-mail (if you receive the legitimation documents in your Documents section directly) - or from our Customer Care Team (If you contacted us after the PostIdent did not work). In both cases, you will receive a list of alternatives and locations where you can perform the legitimation. After that, simply follow the instructions on the first page of the provided document to complete the legitimation process.
  3. You can also quickly complete the legitimation in person by visiting the Fintiba office in Frankfurt. Please bring your passport and a document that confirms your address in Germany. This can be your official registration letter, your rental contract or any similar document that confirms your address in Germany.

    Note: legitimation at the Fintiba office can only be processed during our regular business hours.

  4. Alternatively, you can also visit the Sutor Bank branch in Hamburg. In this case, too, please bring your passport and a document that confirms your address in Germany as outlined above.
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