What are the prices of the Fintiba Plus package?

The Fintiba Plus package adapts to your individual circumstances and covers your needs according to your personal situation. The prices for the individual components are as follows:

  • Blocked Account: Initial opening fee of € 89.00 + monthly administration fee of € 4.90/month
  • Travel Health Insurance (MAWISTA Visum): FREE of charge (usually € 95.00)
  • Private Health Insurance (MAWISTA Student): Starting at a monthly fee of € 25.00/month and for people between 30-39 € 38.00/month  (1)
  • Governmental Health Insurance (DAK-Gesundheit): Starting at a monthly fee of € 124.40/month  (2)


You must pay for either governmental OR private health insurance - there is no case where you must pay both fees at the same time.  

Moreover, the monthly fees from DAK or MAWISTA Student are not deducted from the Blocked Account, more information can be founded in the related articles at the end of this one.



(1) MAWISTA Student fee
For MAWISTA Student Comfort users the monthly fees start from € 60.00 /month and for people between 30-39, € 89.00/month
(2) DAK fee
The payment of the fees starts after enrolling at university. DAK charges € 124.40 for persons under 23 years of age and € 129.27/month for childless persons 23 years of age or older. In general, the current tariffs of the insurer apply.


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