What is contained in my Visa Application Documents?

As part of making things as easy as possible for you during your visa application process, the Fintiba Plus Visa Documents contain in one single document everything what you need to ensure a smooth time at the embassy obtaining your visa, that is:

  • Blocking Confirmation (Sperrbestätigung) for the so-called “proof of financial resources”
  • Travel Incoming Insurance (MAWISTA Visum), requested by the embassy or consulate and necessary to satisfy your insurance needs until you are covered by your private or statutory health insurance

Additionally, you do not have to worry whether the Blocking Confirmation is a valid document for the embassy or consulate. The blocked account opened via Fintiba at Sutor Bank GmbH is officially accepted by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Is the Sutor Bank blocked account accepted in the visa application process for Germany?

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