I will postpone my trip to Germany; what happens with my account?

Blocked Account:

Your blocked account will remain active, even if your plans change. If you have not yet deposited any money, you can do so when you are sure about your travel plans. If you have already deposited money, we will continue to maintain your account and you can use your blocking confirmation to apply for your visa at a later date. Due to the access details to an online platform which are included on the document, the responsible authority can always check the current balance of your blocked account. Therefore, we do not have to issue you a new confirmation as soon as your visa application is pending again.

However, please note that the monthly account administration fee of €4.90 is due for the time your account is open and funds are held in the account.

Health Insurances:

For Fintiba-Plus members who will soon be coming to Germany or who are already in Germany and have not yet activated their insurance policies, it is important to keep us informed in case your plans change.

What needs to be done:

1) In case your package includes DAK health insurance

Whether you are already in Germany or not, if you are aware that your semester start has been postponed or you are planning to reschedule your trip to Germany, please contact via support@fintiba.com. The new information will allow us to update your health insurance information within the package and ensure that you are still covered for your entire stay.

Please provide us with the following information:

  1. Your new planned date of arrival in Germany 
  2. Your new semester start date

2) In case your package includes MAWISTA Student health insurance

If your package includes the private health insurance from MAWISTA, you don't need to worry about your insurance coverage for Germany. As this health insurance is valid for 48 months after your travel health insurance expires, you will be covered until you enrol at university.

However, it is especially important that you set up your payouts to activate the insurance!

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