How can I change my monthly blocked amount?

You can change the blocked amount in your Fintiba account in just a few clicks. Simply head over to the “Blocked Account” section in your app to and click on Blocking Agreement Change. Here, you can edit both the monthly sum and the duration of the account. Simply type the new sum and click on the “Save Data” button. The process will be completed automatically, and you will see the change in your account.

Please note the maximum amount you can enter is €1100 per month and maximum duration for the account is 12 months. If your embassy instructs you to transfer a different amount to your blocked account, please contact us via

Limitations on changing the Blocking Agreement

Changing the Blocking Agreement is possible only if you have not yet received your visa or residence permit and the authorities allow you to change your Blocking Agreement. If you have already received a visa or residence permit with our Blocking Confirmation, changing the Blocking Agreement is not allowed.

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