Who can not open a blocked account?

Certain underlying banking regulations and/or international anti-money laundering regulations do not allow us to open blocked accounts if you fall under the following categories:

  • People with US Tax status
  • Residents of North Korea (KP)
  • Iranian nationals, except:
    • Iranians who reside outside of Iran, and have a non-Iranian address.  
    • Iranians who obtained a visa from the German embassy in Iran with a condition to open a blocked account after arrival in Germany with a German address.
    • Read this article for complete details.

Blocked Account for Minors available!

Are you under 18 but you need to open a blocked account? Now it is possible with our blocked account for minors! All you need to make sure is that the passport of one of your parents is eligible for video legitimation

More information on our website! - Fintiba Solutions - Blocked Account for Minors

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