I have been asked to go through the video legitimation. How does it work?

The video legitimation process is a very easy, comfortable way to complete you have been requested to go through the additional legitimation step process:

If your nationality and passport issue date falls into one of the cases from the following list, then your suggested option to complete the legitimation in your Fintiba App will be the video legitimation. All passports from the list that have been issued later than the stated “Date of Issue” are eligible for video legitimation.


If you have received the request to complete the video legitimation in your Fintiba App and you feel ready to do it, please have a look at the following Help Center articles we have prepared for you about the process:

Should certain issues (e.g. connectivity issues, language barrier...) prevent you from being able to complete the video legitimation process, you can contact us and we will help you find another legitimation alternative option:

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