Can I transfer more than the required blocked amount?

The maximum amount that you are allowed to transfer to your blocked account is stated on the first page of your "Transfer and Account Information" document.


For amounts exceeding this limit, additional documentation about the source of funds in German or English is required to process the transaction. If so, a blocking confirmation can be issued only after clarification and Sutor Bank reserves the right to return the exceeding amount (additional charges may apply). A source of funds check is not necessary, given that your blocked amount adheres to the general guidelines of the German Federal Foreign Office (the standard monthly blocked amount is € 934.00 * 12 months = € 11,208.00 for 1 year) and remains below the stated maximum transfer limit. However, a confirmation of the source of funds may be required in case you transfer more than the amount that is requested for your blocked account.


What is the standard "monthly sum" that I need to block?

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