How much is the fee for international money transfers?

The fees for international money transfers may vary depending on the bank in your home country. We strongly recommend you to ask your bank about their transfer fees and to add the fees to the required blocked amount while transfering.

This ensures that the total blocked amount arrives in your blocked account without any deduction for transfer fees. Please note that we can only issue the blocking confirmation when the total required blocked amount arrives in your blocked account.

Note: Usually, an international money transfer takes 3 to 5 working days. In very rare cases this can take up to several weeks after you initiated the transfer, depending on the individual bank of your choice.

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Get your blocking confirmation instantly after a single credit card payment of the complete blocked amount sum via Fintiba Transfer and save on transfer fees on top of it, too!

As soon as the money is credited to your account, you will be notified automatically by email and the blocking confirmation will be available for download in the 'Documents' section of the Fintiba web application.

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